Nikau Renovations

The Nikau Renovations was a major renovation project and pretty close to a new build.

Features included:

CBUS home automation system which controls the entire house, Including Underfloor heating, Airconditioning, Escea Fire, Motorised Blinds, Water Feature, Irrigation, Garage doors, Access Control, Gate Lock, 

There are substantial sensors around the house with unlimited programmable options. Lights come on 30 Minutes before sunset in the evenings, When its bedtime 1 press of your phone or switch beside the bed locks the gate, front door, Turns the outside lights off, Shuts the blinds turns Heating off and the master bedroom lights dim over a minute. Safe and secure and no need to check doors are locked.

The weekday routine when someone walks into the ensuite between the preset time of 7am - 7:20am the bathroom fan comes on, The lights ramp up over a few minutes and 30 Minutes later the blinds open. The remainder of the lights come on.

Then once the garage sensor is triggered after 8am the house is automatically set to a lockdown mode. Lights off doors locked.

A cbus system is fully customisable and you are only limited by your imagination as to whats possible. With the addition of the Apple homekit its possible for your phone to automatically unlock your front door and gate when your phone is within a few meters of the gate. Or just ask Siri to unlock the gate.

With the Iphone control its possible to unlock and control your house from anywhere. Great when you get an unexpected courier package.

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